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After my previous blog, I had many reader’s requests asking me how to wear flats.

So here are my tips about the subject.

There are three main types of flat shoes that depend of their height (not the height of the heel, they are flats ^^) on the leg.

– Beneath the ankle flats such as loafers, ballet flats, sandals, sneakers, etc.

– Above the ankle flats such as low boots, doc martens, high chucks, etc.

– Knee high flats such as… hum boots, not etc.

The height of your flat shoes determines what clothes will look good with them in terms of figure’s proportions.  When you have figured that out, you can focus on the style matching.

Even though, I rather think, that when proportions are good you can rock almost every outfit mix if you feel like it (i.e creepers and dressed out pencil skirt, ballet flats and rolled up worn-out boyfriend pants).

1. How to wear beneath the ankle flats

Beneath the ankle flats are certainly those that flatters the most people.

By revealing the ankle, they show the full lenght of the leg without “cutting” it.

Therefore they are the best choice to elongate your figure.

Low vamp shoes such as pointy or ballet flats elongate the leg more than high vamp shoes such as derbies or loafers cause they show more of the foot and therefore give the feeling of a longer leg.

The best way to wear them is always to show some ankle (a very sexy part of the woman’s body).

– With rolled up or 7/8 pants

They can be either skinny or a bit large

flats revealed ankles

This mix can work for a week-end outfit as well as for a work/chic outfit.

Try it even if you are plump, you could be surprised.

If you fear that your ankles might get cold, go for very thin and quality socks (avoid thicker sock).

doc martens and lurex socks

Mark that I only recommend the sock trick with boyish leather shoes such as brogues, loafers, creepers, derbies, etc.

With cotton sneakers it looks odd, cotton is for summer right? So why wear them in winter with socks?

With ballet or pointy flats, it can work, but only with see through socks and be careful cause it often looks quite old-fashioned.

Last on the sock subject, for those who fear to go sockless because of the smell (yes… unfortunately we do sweat), there are some special super low designed socks.

In the core of summer, pair your sandals, ballet flats or pointy flats with ankle revealing pants (not too large though or you’ll have a strange contrast between the width of the pants and the thinness of the feet).

Summer flats with pants

Collage: Columbine, unknown

I advice you to choose ballet or pointy flats that show the top of your toes. Like a toe cleavage. It looks way more younger and sexy (yes toe cleavage is sexy, let’s make it a thing!).

ballet flats that show toes

I advise you to stay away from the ballet or pointy flats with pants mix if you have long feet. The focus with be set on the space between the bottom of your pants and the end of the shoes which is no other than your foot :)

I do not recommend wearing ballet flats or pointy flats in winter/ fall. First, because your feet will eventually get wet, you will catch a cold, then have a red nose and finally end up sneezing which is NOT stylish. Second because tights look bad with them: yes I am referring to those little pleats around the ankle!

– With a skirt/dress

No matter what lenght.

skirt revealed ankles

Collage: found on le fur coatfound on Spirited routeMaritsa

But note that:

If your calfs are a bit thick, I recommend above the knee or really long length (floor or ankle) because in between length would set the focus on that part, making it look larger.

If you are petite prefer short dresses and skirts.

– With long and wide pants

This mix does not show any ankle.

I think it looks better on tall or very lean women.

In winter, sneakers can look very chic with tailored pants.

stan smith tailleur large

In summer, sandals, cotton sneakers or mocassins can look very Jane Birkin with flare pants.

– With long skinny pants

This option should be only considered if you wear closed flat (derbies, brogues, etc.)

Avoid it if you wear sandals, ballet or pointy flats cause that will lengthen your feet and look like a bizarre winter/summer mix anyway.

This is also a good option because the skinny pants still reveals the shape of the ankle, and, although it is less stylish than the first option, it is warmer for winter :)

2. How to wear above the ankle flats

Above the ankle flats such as low boots, doc martens or chucks tend to reduce the lenght of the leg a bit.

If you have shorter or wider legs, prefer lower flats or boots with some heel.

Oh, and summer flats with ankle straps enter that category.

– With skinny pants

The skinny pants should be worn inside the shoe, because the better part of low boots is often the top (same for doc martens but, due to technical reasons, not for chucks).

flat black boots skinny jeans

For the same reason, avoid  wearing them with larger pants  because in that case only a flat, somehow round uninteresting shape would pop out of your pants.

– With 7/8 or rolled up skinny pants

Yes! Again! And show some calf. Just a tiny bit.

flat boots

– With ankle lenght skirt/dress

This option is perfect for women with thicker legs. You get to show the pretty flats but this does not “cut” the leg.

low flat boots long skirt

– With a mini skirt/dress or short pants

The low flat boots still “cut” the leg but since the mini skirt lengthen them that makes a good combo.

high top silver converse

wish wish wish flat boots skirt

Wish wish wish

3. How to wear… flat boots!

Or how to wear knee-high flats or over the knee-high flats.

Just like low boots, flat boots “cut” the leg and make it look both wider and shorter, especially the skin-tights one.

So if you are a kind of leg plump, prefer boots with a thick heel.

– With a mini skirt/dress or short pants

To me the best option in terms of proportions! Sexy and sassy for young girls.

But you can go for it after forty if you got the legs to rock it! Simply pair with black super opaque tights (not leggings ladies, you heard me).

short skirt high boots

– With a knee or under the knee long skirt

The perfect alternative to wear boots if you have thick legs.

Only two rules:

– there should be no skin shown between the boots and the skirt.

– the skirt should not be close-fitting

high boots longer skirt ann street studio

Ann street studio

long skirt knee high boots

– With skinny pants

Not leggings ^^ (never ever leggings btw).

The pants shall be truly skinny, otherwise you’d look as if you were about to go for an horse ride.

This trends is quite over right now, but we do not care about trends but only speak theory here right? (hum, ok, I must confess I might still be influenced).

So even though this style is a bit old-fashioned, here is the trick too look good in it: choose boots the same color as your pants so it does not part your leg in two.

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