5 Prompt Fashion to Wear Your Flats

Flats are both fashionable and comfortable.

The world’s most stylish women, whether they be actress or style diva, they know that the fundamental formula of style is that one should be comfortable. Heels may look great while walking the red carpet but on other carpets women rather opt for flats.

Flats can be paired with almost any outfit. A wear kitten heel flats with a gown or a colourful flats with capri pants while going out. Flats are a staple of many wardrobes, including the shoes cupboards of the rich and famous. Celebs are also mums, and like most mums, when they have a little one or three on their hands it’s time to put away the heels and slip on the flats. But just because the pumps are thrown to the back of the shoe cupboard, does not mean that you have to surrender your sense of style.

Flats come in myriad forms, ranging from plimsolls to the ever popular ballerina flats. They are suitable for a night out, a day in the park, and a whole day in the office on your feet. They are fashionable yet functional and they don’t need to be expensive to pull off a few style inspired looks. The high street is where most women go to buy shoes. They are available in women’s clothing shops with shoes section and sold by dedicated women’s shoe stores.

  1. Classy with Flats

Women avoid wearing flats because they feel that the humble flat shoe isn’t sophisticated enough. But flats are welcome at occasions and settings that range from casual to the height of formal protocol. Pair a neutral coloured flat with a slight heel with a dress suit, like a skirt suit or a trouser suit. For a tall woman who wants to look stylish without drawing attention her height, flats are the perfect, sophisticated solution. In formal settings, keep it chic by steering clear of flats with patterns, bright colours, and adornments like bows, studs, sequins, and rhinestones.


  1. Use Flats to Verbalise your Style

You have to be quick-footed when the paparazzi are in hot pursuit. For dashing through airports while still looking fabulous, Stars often seen wearing flats with leggings and a fitted shirt. To make a bold statement, they wear flats with studs. Flats with a few edgy accents can help to spice up a casual look and express individual style. Wear these flats with flare with simple skinny jeans that have a print. Accessorise this look by carrying a bag in a statement colour, like orange or yellow. Or, wear pink pointy flats with jeans, with a pink scarf wrapped around your neck.

  1. Create a Young Look with Flats

You’re only considered a young, hot entertainer for a short while, you might as well be comfortable the whole time. Young celeb inspired ways to wear your flats include a plain white button-down long-sleeve shirt and black polka dot trousers, or white flats with a blue and white floral skirt matched with a light blue chiffon top. Wear gold flats along with striped jeans. Slip on red flats with a pink rose blouse and accessorise with pearls or consider wearing a cardigan over a skirt with light-coloured flats. Black flats go well with a classic striped knee-length dress, accentuated with a thin, black leather belt or pair the same black flats with black leggings and a trench coat.

  1. Wear Flats to Pull Off Lazy Look

Wearing a pair of trainers and tracksuit pants while running the kids around town is practical but not very stylish. If you have the legs for it, you can any look by pairing flats with a two-toned dress, and accessorise with super-sized sunglasses.

  1. Go Gaga Over Brightly Coloured Flats

Wear brightly coloured flats to add a pop of dazzling colour to any outfit. You can go with a matching colour or choose an appropriate contrasting colour.



Flats can be fashionable when worn the right way. Some women shy away from wearing flats because they think that flats lack sophistication and style. But fashion history and current trends have proven and continue to prove otherwise. It is a simple matter of taking note of some celeb inspired ways to wear flats. Flats can be dressy. Pair solid neutral coloured flats with a kitten heel and a dress suit. Express your individual style by spicing up a pair of jeans with studded flats. Walk in the shoes of Young Hollywood by wearing flats with leggings and a coat. Celeb mums are trading in the heels for flats and you should do the same. For a pop of bold colour to brighten a cloudy day, be brave, and slip on a pair of brightly coloured flats. You don’t need to walk the red carpet in painful pumps. You can walk the high street in a pair of fabulous flats and still turn heads as you go. If you want the best flats now, simply go to eBay and pick one pair, or several of pairs, and start creating some celeb inspired looks.

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