How to style your flats!

Hello there people! Presa is here with its first styling Blog by its Co-founder Sakshi Dolia. 
Our first blog is all about how to dress your casuals or day to day clothes in an interesting way. How to make it more fun and eye catching. The better your basics are, the more confident you are. And at the end its all about comfort in your own style.

Colorful and Colorless                

Love colors but afraid you might over do it? In this style we have used the all the  regular colors that is a Blue Dungaree and our GREY LOVER FLATS  except the polo t-shirt which bright yellow in the ensemble. Hence there is a pop of yellow in the outfit which is neither much colorful nor colorless. Our sandals creating an edge to the outfit. No accessory is added as its all about basic and GREY LOVERS are providing a metallic todch n minimalism to the outfit. A handkerchief is added on the hand as a scarf which comes handy in this scorching heat.

Power in Basic

Ladies, its time to grab/steal that over sized Polo T-shirt of your brother/father/friend or even a new one, if you like. This attire is all about power in basics a.k.a how to wear basics and still be nowhere around basic. Have paired this T-shirt with a mid rise trouser. Tuck your t-shirt inside your trouser (even better if its high rise trouser) and just loose it up a little. Whats making it edgier are our SOLID AND GLITTER flats which is quite a contrast to the outfit and adding a Glam topping the attire.
Hope it was helpful! Be good, be confident.
Team PRESA! 



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