College outfit Ideas | What to wear to your first week at college by Niki Mehra

“It’s that time of the year again! When every student freshly out of high school is making tough decisions between off shoulder tops and shirt dresses, sneakers or loafers? , definitely taking a car mom!, while feeling ecstatic and equally anxious about how their new classmates are going to be, which category am I going to fall in: Cute nerd, hot looking mean girl.. naaah I am not that, Oh I meant I ain’t hot, mean I can do, is there a cute nerd mean girl category, eh?”

Just kidding… May be not!

I think this is pininterest’s favorite quote but only because its true! College is most certainly going to be the BEST time of your life! You are going to make some kickass friends, have some crazy life experiences, find your soulmate maybe, and most of all discover who you are as a person ! and ya study haha, we tend to leave that out quite often while discussing college.

So naturally , it is extremely important to know what to wear and what not to wear on your first day of college! First impression matters!

My snapchat fam already knows, and for those of you reading my blog for the first time, I was an economics student from Venky, Delhi University, which is believed to have one of the best crowds in DU! From the times our parents were college kids to now, DU has never gone out of fashion and never will, both literally and figuratively.

In this scenario, having a pocket full of college outfit ideas which helps you stay trendy every day of college becomes necessary! AND here I am with some of those: The do’s and dont’s of what to wear in college!


It is important to remember that college screams everything casual and comfortable, yet stylish. So as much as both of us would like, a lot of our fancy clothes need to take a back seat! Minimal/ No makeup is how it should be, which is why I have close to nothing on my face in each photo below: just a thin eyeliner that I cannot do without, and a natural lip color. There are plenty of things you can wear to college, of which I have prepared a list, though it is non exhaustive of course!

1. Plaids

Plaid shirts have been a hit when it comes to best things to wear in college for a long time now, and that is still the case!

They are trendy, casual , comfortable all at once! You can wear them with shorts, jeans and casual dresses alike!

2. Casual dresses

I think casual dresses ( flowy, shift dresses, shirt dresses) look super cute in college and are a must have college wear!

Quirky printed ones are my favorite, because not only do they look cute and are comfortable, but they are fun and are sure to help you get all the attention you need in college!

Denim jackets is another option that is my all time favorite. You can team them up with a white top and shorts/jeans, or wear them over a dress like I have! Pigtails look super cute and definitely according to me one of the best hairstyles for college!

Tan is my  go to color because it literally goes with every thing! Fringe bags are superb for college and you should totally own one!

Where can you find these?

Dress: evoguestore, on instagram

Denim jacket: Sarojini Nagar

Tan flats: Presa

Fringe bag ( that literally 100 of you girls have asked me): I got this as a gift from a friend, who purchased it from the exhibition that is held in pacific mall , Subhash nagar New delhi every weekend from Stall No.2 


3. Indian

One of my personal favorites, especially in summers, Indian looks absolutely stunning in college! It brings out your prettiest self and is best for those cfolleges who have outfit restrictions! I know you are wondering what kind of Indian to wear to college, loves I got you covered!

So the first and the obvious option to got for is a kurti! You can add ethnic touches to your outfit like I have with some silver bangles and earrings! You can play around with your footwear like I have by adding pompoms to them! The pom pom trend is huge at the moment!

The second option is a (very simple) patiala suit! It looks refreshing, believe me you! You can pair them up with juttis and you are good to go!

Where can you find these?

Kurti : FabIndia

4. Casual tees

There are days you don’t feel like putting in a lot of effort to dress up, but I am sure there can be no day we don’t want to look good , am I right?

Cute  tees teamed up with boyfriend jeans look super chic for college!

Look 1: The top most trend of the season: Off shoulder

Yes, this is what I would recommend you to wear for your first day at college! A bright colored off shoulder top, a feminine choker and boyfriend jeans! Definitely qualifies to be in the best college outfit ideas list!

Where can you find these?

Top: Sarojini Nagar

Choker: Forever 21 headband worn as a choker

Jeans: Literally Boyfriend jeans. Forever 21 has tons of these though.

Look 2: Printed tees

Where can you find these?

Top: Evoguestore, on instagram

5. Capes/Shrugs

Capes can be dressed up and down and that’s why I love them!

Look 1: Casual

A super easy look to wear for regular college days , capes can be worn with a lot of items from your wardrobe: jeans , dresses, shorts etc. I love the fringe at the bottom !

Look 2: Dressy

Now, there are days, a lot of days, we have plans right after college. These are days we want to dress up well but keeping in mind we have college to attend to first! Pairing a cape with a basic pair of jeggings and quirky footwear can solve the purpose! You can totally don this look for an event in college too!

Where can you find these?

Cape: Sarojini Nagar

Jeggings: Marks and spencer

Footwear: Presa



Now that we have spoken about the do’s, there are certain things we should never do / wear in college.

Don’ts  x

  • Too much makeup
  • Heels. No no no, flats/shoes  are the way to go! If you are conscious about your height, go for wedges.
  • Remember dresses look great,as long as they are casual.
  • Over accessorizing will grab you eyeballs, but not for the right reasons.

This is it for today loves! College is definitely going to bring in a lot of opportunities for you and while you should focus on what to wear, focus more on the positive energy ,happiness, making friends and the amazing  gates it opens for y’all!

Love and Best wishes,

Niki xx


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