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College outfit Ideas | What to wear to your first week at college by Niki Mehra

“It’s that time of the year again! When every student freshly out of high school is making tough decisions between off shoulder tops and shirt dresses, sneakers or loafers? , definitely taking a car mom!, while feeling ecstatic and equally anxious about how their new classmates are going to be, which category am I going to fall in: Cute nerd, hot looking mean girl.. naaah I am not that, Oh I meant I ain’t hot, mean I can do, is there a cute nerd mean girl category, eh?” Just kidding… May be not! I think this is pininterest’s favorite quote but only because its true! College is most certainly going to be the BEST time of your life! You are going...

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All about comfort by I Wore My Style(Nikita Dutta)

When the streets are a mess around this time of the year, obviously because of the monsoons I tend to sulk at home.  I like to watch the rains tugged inside a rug with a cup of hot chocolate ideally but when you’ve got to move your ass because you’ve made prior commitments and are ultimately left with no other option than to suit up that is when I lose my capacity of thinking. I have always preferred comfort over anything. And when the weather is this gloomy I need to get my comfort on making it a point that the gloominess doesn’t kill my vibe!  I am a sucker for slip-ons. It is my most sought after option on...

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Hang on - I’ve missed something. What’s happened? Fashion week is long over and I feel all topsy-turvy, all out of sorts. It feels like since the moment the sparkling catwalks of Paris closed for the season, all I’ve seen is long-legged style stars - those be-lashed gazelles renowned for sporting six-inch stilettos - wearing flat shoes. Brogues and monk shoes, slippers and ballerina pumps - why, all of a sudden, are flat shoes fashionable? That’s a good question, and one that can be answered either very simply, or in slightly more detail. First - the simple answer - have you ever worn a six inch heel for more than four hours? That’s why we’re wearing flat shoes. More seriously, though,...

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